Minecraft villagers…

Lets say I leveled my villager to master level, and there I can see that for example his offer (Fletcher) is Arrow of Leaping which is basically useless for me.

And there is few other villagers that offer for example diamond items with bad enchantments. So when you get such villager(s) and you don’t like what master level is offering, do you just kill him, take another one, exp him again up to master hoping that this time he will offer better stuff?

Is there any tutorial on that or any tips?

Looking for mods!

I’ve been playing vanilla MC for quite some time now, and while I’m still enjoying the vanilla experience, I want to start playing some modded worlds as well. Do you guys have any suggestions for mods or mod packs that aren’t super far from the vanilla experience, or maybe just ones that you like?

I like the pixelmon mod both multiplayer and single player. But it depends I like Pok√©mon you might not. I love playing modded with biomes o’ plenty! Adds lots of great blocks and new places to explore and doesn’t stray to far from vanilla. Palms harvest craft is pretty nice too, adds a lot of new foods to the game. I usually play with these and animania. But defiantly try out biomes o’ plenty (if you do don’t forget to set your world type to the biomes o’ plenty when creating a world)!